An eye for design® offers a range of services to help clients understand, implement and manage a powerful brand. Through a combination of research, interviews and experience, we consider all aspects of your project then deliver powerful content for print and multi-media. We help define your marketing needs, the desires of your customers, and your project's design and marketing goals. The CD of customized art and tools help you manage your brand effectively for years to come. A corporate identity manual is often developed, and the studio is on-call, with your custom images catalogued for upcoming promotions. We'd be thrilled to talk with you about becoming your "on-line" media production house.

Allowing one design house to oversee all your visual communications ensures a strong brand.

Contracting one design house for all digital art saves you time and money.

Some of the services we provide and manage on your behalf, include:
- branding
- corporate identity and ads
- web design
- brochure and poster signage
- booklets and publications
- point-of-purchase / displays
- illustration or photographic images