Digital Design

Tanis Hubner Kuntz specializes in Brand Reputation. As a a published photographer and illustrator, her custom images have appeared in magazines, billboards, newspapers, flyers, posters and web sites. Custom typography for publication/websites is another specialty. Whether you have a small project or on-going marketing initiative call Tanis for a quote.

HEADLINES AND TYPOGRAPHY  Tanis will also take the time to ensure your font choices are consistent with your message. In most cases the ‘font’ will be customized (so no other company has the same look). While being an experienced marketing strategist, Tanis Hubner Kuntz is also a true artist. Typography is a dying art ... the ‘look’ of your type is all the more important today.

COLOUR  Colour trends, hue history and psychology matter. Colour is one of the easiest ways to strengthen your brand. Tanis also excels in optimizing contrast. Suggestion: to critique your colour ad/photo/image, make a black and white copy. If you don’t see a focal point, perhaps you need a new designer.

PHOTOSHOP EXPERT  One quality image is a starting point to great communication with your target market. An eye for design® delivers creative and technically brilliant photography, illustration, chart or maps. We have over twenty years experience styling and editing images for commercial and editorial purposes. Tanis has worked with numerous photographers worldwide, as an art director (styling magazine content). Even more useful is her unparalleled skill with image-enhancing software. She is especially adapt at creating photo-composites. We can stylize your existing photographs (adding or deleting detail); or, create a great image from scratch using computer illustration software.

If you require a new brand, there is no better place to start than An eye for design®. Big city service at valley prices.

Perhaps you have a successful brand – and love it. Make the most of it – order templates that in-house staff can utilize to create ads, newsletters, etc.  This is a good way to ensure cohesive presentation of your company’s image. It doesn’t mean your admin assistant isn’t creative enough ... it means your brand will be “steel” (constant, steady and trusted more fully) since the presentation does not alter. Despite the size of a company a ‘Visual Identity Manual” should be developed. The message (graphics and writing) needs to be used in a consistent manner throughout a broad range of marketing projects. An eye for design® is just the company you need to call.

Order photo-composites, illustration and custom typography for logos, publications and signage.

Have your (hand-drawn or photoshopped) logo transformed into a vector image – you’ll need that vector format for marketing applications such as large format projects, tradeshow graphics, vinyl or embroidered usages.

Tip101: instead of hundreds of so-so images for your communications ... have one or two GREAT photos. Believe it or not, Tanis can create these for you (quickly) starting with poor images... she has worked in photo enhancing software since 1983.