An eye for design® ensures that your promotions are managed with both originality and substance. We service businesses of all sizes and budgets. Your project will receive the personal attention and professional pride of a professional with great versatility.

In the initial consultation we'll analyze your messaging as well as the visuals you present to the world. Let's figure out what style and marketing options will work best for you. Marketing 101 needs your company to determine three basic things:  1."What do we do?"; 2. "For whom do we do it?"; and, 3. "How do we excel?" It helps tremendously to have an experienced, objective interviewer for this process. Tip 101! When you answer these three key questions don’t use the words quality and customer service (those are a given). Via market research you’ll receive insight on your competitors & customers, then together we will build your strategic plan. We can provide you with monitoring and evaluation... continually optimizing your brand's performance. We'll assist you with press releases, and methods finding more news angles for more press coverage.

Tanis Hubner Kuntz is adept at PRODUCING BOTH PRINT AND ONLINE MARKETING. As branding professional, your company's presence in to marketplace will be successful... displaying unity, balance and a strong focal point. Preparing your marketing pieces so they are able to be utilized in print after they are used online is an important factor. It is economical to have high resolution art produced - you don’t want art that is only 72dpi. It doesn’t serve a company’s diverse needs. For instance, you may find yourself needing a tradeshow sign and your images are only printable two inches wide.

Utilizing more than 20 years of experience in marketing, An eye for design® offers an innovative approach to creating powerful communications to better illustrate the strengths of your product or service. Our objective is to portray your product or service's benefits in a way that evokes an emotional response from your target market. To maintain your competitive edge, we can help identify unique marketing methods, and then produce text and compelling visuals to further strengthen your position in the marketplace.

Example One: Client – Crazy Creek Resort
Unique Resort Focus: expansive network of trails
As well as creating print advertisements, maps, and web pages; editorial submissions and video uploads were utilized to round-out the marketing mix. ie: “From Crazy Creek Resort's cabins, or from the Hot Pool parking lots, it is easy to access top hiking or quadding trails. Eagle Pass Mountain and Crazy Creek Gorge offer ideal terrain for touring”. See story or video produced by an eye for design.