We will help position your product/brand to be more successful in the market (than competitors’ products/brands). Insightful marketing starts with good information placed in the hands of experienced communicators. Despite the size of a company a plan should be developed; and, custom art and writing needs to be used in a consistent manner throughout a broad range of marketing projects. That's what An eye for design® wants to do for you: guard your “look” so you will be more memorable in your communications. Consider obtaining a  ‘Corporate Identity Standards Manual’ ... or Tanis can be contracted project-by-project to create your writing, digital art, pre-press production, web activities and/or media management.

Example One: Client – District of Lake Country
Unique Focus: a cost-effective project to communicate to prospective investors
Leading the Economic and Development Committee’s advertorial project, Tanis managed and created editorial to promote the community.  See the full magazine story on page 15. By printing additional copies of this magazine article the committee has an 8-page brochure to distribute worldwide for years to come.

Defining Your Brand:
Once we have a clear understanding of the market space and the perception of the brand, we find an authentic, compelling competitive advantage - and how to best implement it. If one doesn't exist, we must create it by: 1. Finding a way to stir emotions, 2. Making a promise, 3. Getting a clear idea of future goals, 4. Identifying marketing opportunities, 5. Ensuring your marketing is consistent in print and online.

For writing and design services for print and web applications contact us for a quote. We will assist with a single promotion, or work as your Communications Manager throughout the year.